Monarch Essentials is a Young Living Essential Oils team. Young Living was founded by a farmer who set out on a mission to bring essential oils into every home. He knew these plants, roots, stems, petals, leaves, resins and herbs when grounded and steamed, would have the ability to assist your body in a powerful yet natural way. 

A pioneer in the field, Young Living was on the cutting age of "farm to table” their oils come straight from their farms into your home. They call it their Seed to Seal promise

Young Living Essential Oils are what many refer to as "beyond organic". They are therapeutic grade, and rigorously tested. Guaranteed to be 100% pure, derived straight from the plant with no harmful fillers.

So many of us trust when the bottle says "lavender" that's actually what we're getting inside the bottle. But in reality it could be something completely different. Because the health and beauty industry is not regulated the bottle of lavender you find at the store could be any number of things including harmful fillers.  

So when we set out to replace every chemical in our home with an oil let’s make sure we’re using oils that are going to have the purity and potency we need to get the job done.