Day 11

On the 15th of each month, Young Living removed inactive who hadn't orders in 12 months or more the month before. Some months over 1,000 members disappear from our team. That's pretty dramatic. If you feel you are going backwards with growth, that is likely why. We will have to be bringing lots of new members in every month in order to grow when losing at that rate. THIS is the activity that changes this number. The way that we follow up with new members and then contact those who aren't ordering is what will keep inactive from happening. So much better to choose prevention than to throw out a desperate "You're about to go inactive plea" in the final days.


Refer back to your report the previous month of those who had 0 PV in your organization.

Call at least 5 people who didn't order last month and offer your support in learning how to use their oils more effectively.

Log your calls on your Care Call Chart.

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