Day 2

Let's make our calendars reflect our clear intention to grow this month! Making space in your life for what you are prioritizing invites those things to take place and says, "This is real. This is happening. I'm serious about this." It also sense a clear message to your friends that this isn't haphazard for you. It's what you do and love. Treat your business like a hobby, and you'll get paid like a hobby. Treat it like a business, and you'll get paid like a business.


Schedule at least two classes (or put on your schedule attending two local classes with guests) and two one-on-ones like coffee or a playdate for this coming month. I would personally make these in-person and then add online classes on top of these unless you have a very successful sign-up and retention rate from online classes.


Mark out at least one time slot per week that you have available if someone asks you to meet to talk about oils or the business.


Start a People Who Need Oils Chart of those who share a need with you that could be met by one of Young Living's products or business opportunity.

Add to this list throughout the month. Talk to people all month long. You have no business without doing this. Whatever else you do, if you are trying to grow and are not regularly talking to new people about oils, you will not grow. 


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