Day 3

Pay a lot of attention to what works and what doesn't for classes in your area and with your demographic. Occasionally try something new to teach a new type or group of people. The sky's the limit, because everyone needs oils. You don't have to teach big classes. You can simply meet up with people or invite them to other classes in your area. Do what works for you and gets results! The only thing stopping us is usually... us.


Make a list and order any supplies needed for your upcoming classes and new enrollments.

Make sure to set aside money from your commissions for any of this you want to do. Keep classes simple. Complicated doesn't duplicate. It is not necessary to break the bank to grow. It's necessary to invest. Some suggestions below:

  • supplies for make + takes
  • flip kits
  • supplies for new member packets
  • guides or other handout material
  • samples, roll-ons, or gifts to those you think would be interested in oils
  • educational resources:
    • essential oil pocket references
    • gentle babies
    • taming the dragon within



Monarch Essentials