Day 4

Okay, guys. Let's get serious. It's time to tackle that goldmine of untapped OGV sitting there every month. People who have said yes. People who already love oils. But something has shoved the priority down, and they need to hear your sweet voice saying, "I care. I want you to be successful. I want to know if I can help in any way." Have a plan for what you want to say on voicemails because you want to leave a lot of those!! Don't just say, "Call me back." It may be your one shot at them hearing your heart for them. Watch this video for more details about the importance of this activity. 

Go to your Virtual Office and print out a report from the previous month for those who had 0 PV in your organization. 

Call at least 5 people who didn't order last month and offer your support in learning how to use their oils more effectively. 

You will end up leaving voicemails and will need to limit your time on the phone so this won't take forever. These shouldn't be long calls. Short and sweet. Keep it all about them. All about their needs. Not about getting them to order. If they aren't ordering, there's a barrier that needs to be brought down by listening and solving the problem.

Log your calls on your Care Call Chart


If you do not have people who fall into this category or if you've already contacted them this mont or two, then take this day to care call and connect with other ordering members. Call them and offer to answer questions about their last order, their products, see how they are doing etc. Maybe they need info about a particular health issue or may you can help to get good resources into their hands.

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