Day 5

We spend a lot of time trying to get people to do things. Enroll, order, get on ER, share, build... but how often do we say thank you to the quiet and faithful ones who order month after month on our team? Whether they ever enroll someone or not, the way you make money in this business is through people ordering oils. These clients should be treasured and treated as VIPs but all too often they're overlooked if not in our business circles. Let's thank them regularly and show them their great value.

Go to your Virtual Office and print out a list of those on Autoship.

Mail 5 cards thanking faithful Essential Rewards orderers for their orders. You can include a gift or resource if in your budget. It's a great opportunity to let them know specifically how this business blesses your family.


Make sure you chart your dates so that you know when it's been six months since you've sent something, etc. and then you will know when to contact them again.

Log your cards on your Faithful Clients Chart

Don't have 5 on Essential Rewards? Make this a top goal through plugging people into product education. Those who love the products don't have to be sold on this amazing opportunity! Spend today contacting those who are not on ER. Make sure your team has access to this video and that new members see it quickly!

Monarch Essentials