Day 6

I know from personal experience how easy it can become to not put the needed planning time into classes and events. Even after teaching countless times, I still need to be investing myself in improving, growing, learning, and tailoring each class to it's audience. So often no one comes to our classes because we don't promote it well. Or we have amazing opportunities around us and we don't even take advantage of them and invite others. A little advance thought and planned work could go so far in making this a very effective method of reaching others, giving them information and getting oils on them. 

Plan upcoming classes, write material, promote, send invitations, prepare handouts, etc.

BE sure to include area classes your spline, corporate and other leaders are teaching in your promotions. 

Make invitations specific, personal and explain how they will meet a personal need. This means you have to be paying attention to people. Promoting and inviting is an art form. Pay attention to what works and what doesn't and grow in this crucial area.

Log people you've invited into your Class Invitation Chart.

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