Day 9

There are as many different wats to grow a business as there are people. Because the methods that utilize social media are more visible, you have many great accounts to follow and model after when building online. Please track your effectiveness and skill in and passion for this area before pouring all your energy into a method that may not be for you. If it is, that's amazing and go for it! BE honest, authentic, real and true to your personal brand, who you are, not mimicking others. 

If you're on social media and on't already have a specific plan of action for sharing in that medium, and/or are trying to keep your accounts mostly person to stay in touch with friends vs/ share your business, you will keep product posting to a minimum. Lindsay Moreno, leader of one of the largest, and faster growing Young Living teams, says to never post oils more that 1/5 ratio. So that's one post that mentions oils to five posts that do not. She said she actually keeps them much less frequent than that. She tells stories about her life and use rather than pushing product.


On this day, post about one product that you use and why you love it. Keep it about your experience vs. sales and that will allow your friends to feel your heart in sharing with them. They want to hear stories, NOT have a product pushed on them.


If you want more people to see your posts, spend some time liking and commenting on the posts of others each day. This causes you to be seen in their feeds and shows that you care about their lives, not just telling them about yours.


When social media friends who are interested comment or message you for information, make sure they know that retail purchasing only that one single items is an option. They do not have to begin with a kit (but definitely that is the best savings). Your amazing intentional follow up will carry it there after their initial purchase and use. Getting our products on people will always be our most sure-fire success!

Monarch Essentials